Welcome Fellow Film Fans

Welcome to my new blog Popcorn in My Bra. Many of you are more familiar with me through my other blog, The Book Self. I decided to launch this blog to write about another form of pop culture I adore, movies! Grab your popcorn, soda and favorite snack and enjoy! I look forward to your comments, ideas and suggestions.





Thought I’d give a brief explanation of my absence. First, I’m getting over the head cold to end all head colds. I’ve been pretty out of it so this blog hasn’t exactly been my top priority. I’ve been eating a lot of homemade chicken soup and drinking lots of tea and orange juice. But most of all I’m taking it easy and getting a lot of rest.

I’ve also been busy with my church’s film series. Our November selection “13” is being shown this Friday and I’m doing some last minute publicity via this blog, social media and word of mouth. Last month’s film had a great audience turnout and I hope November’s selection does too.

But I have to admit one of the reasons I’ve been absent is because I am thoroughly sickened about the deplorable actions of key figures in Hollywood in the wake of Weinstein and women coming forth telling their stories via #metoo. I know sexual harassment isn’t just a problem in Hollywood, every industry has its monsters and its victims. I’m just hoping this issue is taken seriously by both the film industry and those who love film. All of us deserve so much better.


And The Winner Is…Tari Jordan


Tari Jordan, guest blogger over at these parts and blogging goddess over at Criminal Minds Fans got to interview Criminal Minds show runner Erica Messer. Tari asked some thoughtful and inspired questions and Ms. Messer answered them in a very intelligent, illuminating and entertaining way giving us a thorough take on how to make a TV show happen, what’s in store when it comes to Criminal Minds’ future, her very own career and what it’s like to work as a woman in television. I think you’ll really enjoy it and learn so much from this interview. I know I did.

Thanks Tari and Erica!





The Spotlight: Harvey Weinstein Edition


New York Times’ initial article on Weinstein’s history of sexual harassment.

List of Weinstein’s victims and accusers, including Jolie and Paltrow, continues to grow.

Rose McGowan among the first to accuse Weinstein of sexual harassment.

Late night talk show hosts rip Weinstein to shreds.

Journalist Lisa Sivan claims Weinstein  masturbated in front of her.

Designer Donna Karan claims Weinstein’s accusers were asking for it. Fuck you, Donna!

RNC chair tries to “explain” why Weinstein is a monster, but Trump is okay.

Mark Ruffalo continues to be one of the good guys!

How Weinstein’s Hollywood connections made his wife a fashion success.

Weinstein fired.



Guilty Pleasure Movies: The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down


Do you want to know why it’s better to snort coke off of fake breasts instead of real breasts? Do you wonder why some straight men become “fauxmosexuals” to pick up chicks? And just what is an “after party?” Well, these questions (and more) are all answered in the guilty pleasure gem The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down.

The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down takes an anthropological look at LA’s club scene. Using a format reminiscent of those cheesy educational films we saw in school (if TMZ.com made educational films), the movie utilizes live action, graphical diagrams and “knowledgeable” narrators. You know they are knowledgeable” because one of them has a British accent. Among the informative “chapters” you will learn the following:

  • Getting past the velvet rope
  • What certain drinks make smart girls stupid
  • The importance of determining the difference between good and bad drugs
  • How to get rid of a sexual hook-up once daylight arrives
  • And so much more!!!

With a cast of unknowns (other than a brief cameo by the guy who played the principal on Saved by the Bell), The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down follows these club go-ers from their initial getting ready rituals ‘til the moment they wake up with hangovers after a night of revelry. These unknowns aid the slightly mockumentary feel of the movie. The assorted collection of sleazebags, sluts, losers, punks and druggies are the kind of people who actually keep up with the Kardashians and whose Instagram accounts put the S in selfie.

I couldn’t help but laugh out loud while watching this movie, even though at times I wanted to clutch the pearls in shock. Some of you might recognize yourself (or at least your youth) in their shenanigans. And some of you will give be grateful you never quite partied this hard. The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down is a gloriously fun and trashy movie, and possibly a how-to for people who really want to PARTY! The party scene, whether in LA or even in my hometown of Milwaukee, is always perfect for mocking and The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down does it perfectly.

The Spotlight


Yet unreleased book by the author of The Martian already has a movie deal.

Twilight’s Kristen Stewart and Oscar-winner Lupita Nyong’o are being considered for Charlie’s Angels reboot.

Not all horror movies are about blood and gore.

Don’t fall out of your Jimmy Choos but it looks like a third Sex and City movie is a no-go.

Lynda “Wonder Woman” Carter calls James Cameron “thuggish” over his whiny remarks regarding the Wonder Women movies.

Salon’s list of the worst 25 Oscar snubs.

Ain’t It Cool News’ Harry Knowles accused of sexual harassment.

Audrey Hepburn’s script from Breakfast of Tiffany’s is auctioned off for a mind-blowing £632,750 ($847,000) at Christie’s in London.

Best film performance of 2017 just might be by Brooklynn Prince who was only six at the time of filming.

Milwaukee Film Fest 2017 features nearly 300 films.



…And the Winner Is…


Tari Jordan!!!

Readers of this blog are quite familiar with Ms. Jordan. She kindly wrote a review of the movie 68 Kill featuring her favorite actor, the multi-talented Matthew Gray Gubler. Tari is a huge fan of the television show Criminal Minds featuring Mr. Gubler as resident genius of the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) Dr. Spencer Reid. Ms. Jordan is the resident genius of her blog Criminal Minds Fans, where she has written about the show for several years now. Recently Tari got an amazing treat…

She and her friend Ryka got to visit the Criminal Minds set and learned about the blood, sweat and tears that makes Criminal Minds happen!

But don’t take my word for it. Be a lamb and learn about Tari and Ryka’s excellent journey at Criminal Minds Fans.

(Squeals up in 30 milliseconds)

Once again, congratulations Tari. No matter, what you’re always a winner is my book!

…And the Winner Is…



A few months ago I joined Twitter to promote this blog and my other blog, The Book Self. I started out with only four followers and now I have almost 270 followers! Not bad, for a non-celeb like me.

Furthermore, film director Whit Stillman and actress Chloe Sevigny loved my review of The Last Days of Disco.

And recently I saw the film 20th Century Women by director Mike Mills and starring one of my favorite actresses Annette Bening. I sent a message to Ms. Bening letting her know how much I loved this film and her other work. She messaged me back thanking me of liking the movie and following her work. Look for a review of 20th Century Women in the next few weeks.