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Wonder Woman has made over $400 Million domestically.

Laura Dern could be the first woman president of the Motion Picture Academy.

From the “Who Knew?” files Princess Leia earned her Ph.D when she was 19.

Billie Lourd on life after losing her mother, Carrie Fisher, and her grandmother, Debbie Reynolds.

Horror movie Get Out is the most profitable film of 2017 (so far).

According to Judd Apatow, conservatives can’t make good entertainment.

Eight of today’s most influential female action heroes.

Milwaukee Film Fest is adding Purple Rain to its 2017 fest.

SAG-AFTRA renews contract with studios.

Chloe Grace Moretz on being body shamed by male co-stars.





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Toronto Film Festival to focus on the Trump era in film making and the Hollywood gender gap.

John Carpenter remembers George Romero.

The New York Times story on the late Oscar-winning actor Martin Landau.

Felicity Jones is replacing Natalie Portman in Ruth Bader Ginsburg biopic.

Why Girl Trip and black sisterhood matters.

The power of Jane Austen 200 years after her death and the potency of 1995’s Sense and Sensibility.

Star Wars actor John Boyega on the lack of diversity in film.

Is Hollywood focusing to much on the male audience?

Film executive Shari Lansing reflects on her legendary career.








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EXCITING NEWS!!! Milwaukee Film Fest to take over Milwaukee’s iconic Oriental Theatre. Just a quick note, the reporter, Dan Shafer, is a former editor of mine.

Phil Lord and Chris Miller fired from Han Solo Star War’s spin-off.

Here is a list of the Hollywood Reporter’s 100 most powerful people in entertainment.
rvel when it comes to making money-over $600 million worldwide.

Hopefully this will garner Gal Gardot bigger paychecks in the sequels.

Daniel Day-Lewis is retiring from acting.

Is Tom Cruise a bit of a control freak?


Sophia Coppola on why she decided to remake The Beguiled.

Study proves movies with diverse casts make more money.

Collider’s list of the best box office hits of the 21st century (so far).

This is a must-read essay on the bleakness of mental illness and how mental illness affected the late Carrie Fisher.



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Actress Lisa Spoonhauer who had a role in the Gen X classic Clerks has died.

We also lost Sir Roger “James Bond” Moore.

London premier of Wonder Woman cancelled due to Manchester attack.

The best films from the Cannes Film Fest…so far.

Intriguing details on Star Wars: The Last Jedi coming out later this year.

Speaking of Sci-Fi, here is Indie Wires’ list of the best Sci-Fi movies of the 21st century so far.

How this deleted scene from Get Out would have changed the film’s outcome.

Yep, there’s going to be a Top Gun sequel. Tom Cruise confirms it.

Nicole Kidman vows to work with more female film directors.

Netflix giving directors a chance to direct original content that don’t focus solely on super heroes.


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***Writer’s strike has been averted!*** And here is Hollywood’s reaction.

Jodie Foster’s tribute to the late Jonathan Demme.

Oscar winning documentary filmmaker Michael Moore working on play focusing on Trump.

The late Robin William’s last film, Absolutely Anything, has a release date.

Would the film classic The Godfather get released today? Director Francis Ford Coppola’s answer.

Film Comment looks back at the Audrey Hepburn/Albert Finney movie Two For the Road.

Women in Hollywood who are considered gold diggers? Gold diggers in Hollywood? Color me shocked!

James Gunn advises not getting into a tizzy over film spoilers.

Is the soon-to-be-released movie 5-25-77 a love letter to Star Wars?

Black and White version of Logan will also be released.



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***There is a good chance there will be a writers’ strike via the WGA (Writer’s Guild of America) according to Variety Magazine.*** (H/T Tari Jordan)

Move ticket prices are getting higher, and Hollywood Reporter tells us why.

Summer of 2017 movie preview courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.

Women directed films that are must-sees in 2017!

Geena Davis celebrates the 25th anniversary of A League of Their Own’s release.

Salma Hayek’s Beatriz at Dinner sounds like my kind of film, one that connects with my “Power to the People” mindset.

Talent agent Sandy Gallin dead at 76.

New documentary Jeremiah Tower: The Last Magnificent celebrates the eminent chef and his connection to California cuisine and the renowned restaurant Chez Panisse.

Will Netflix end its mail order DVD service in the age of streaming?

Director John Waters new summer camp for adults, Camp John Waters.





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Legendary “insult” comic Don Rickles dead at 90 years old.

This is not how you write strong female characters whether it is in a book, TV show or a film.

Get Out receives six MTV Movie Award nominations

Walt Disney Family Museum showcases animator Andreas Deja’s impressive work.

Christian Bale, Steve Carell and Amy Adams to star in Dick Cheney biopic

Forty of the funniest scenes in movies according to Tastefully Offensive.

Martin Morrow schools Aaron Sorkin on the cost of writing diversity (it ain’t cheap).

Movie based on Orwell’s book 1984 to be shown throughout the globe.

The next Star Wars film might start filming this summer

Here is a list of 103 films directed by women.

The Spotlight: Special Oscar Edition

Some interesting Oscar news,facts and potpourri. Enjoy! UPDATE: ADDED CONTENT COURTESY OF CBS SUNDAY MORNING!!!!

CBS Sunday Morning’s broadcast this morning was devoted to movie and Oscar-related goodness!

The best Oscar speeches since Cuba Gooding Jr.

Vox ranks every Oscars 2017 nominated film.

Oscar predictions according to Huffington Post.

And the New York Times Oscar quizzes and predictions

Here are the top ten most memorable Oscar speeches of all time according to Rotten Tomatoes.

Is Seth Meyers thirsty for an Oscar? Take a look at this trailer and find out.

Bust Magazine on Kathryn Bigelow, the first and so far, only woman to win a best directing Oscar.

Bitch Media takes an entertaining, yet thoughtful take on how the Oscars will or will not distract us from our modern messed times.

USA Today wonders if politics will overshadow the Oscars.

Syrian cinematographer Khaled Khateeb banned from getting into USA to attend Oscars.

Slate Magazine on how the Oscars this year could make history.