Thought I’d give a brief explanation of my absence. First, I’m getting over the head cold to end all head colds. I’ve been pretty out of it so this blog hasn’t exactly been my top priority. I’ve been eating a lot of homemade chicken soup and drinking lots of tea and orange juice. But most of all I’m taking it easy and getting a lot of rest.

I’ve also been busy with my church’s film series. Our November selection “13” is being shown this Friday and I’m doing some last minute publicity via this blog, social media and word of mouth. Last month’s film had a great audience turnout and I hope November’s selection does too.

But I have to admit one of the reasons I’ve been absent is because I am thoroughly sickened about the deplorable actions of key figures in Hollywood in the wake of Weinstein and women coming forth telling their stories via #metoo. I know sexual harassment isn’t just a problem in Hollywood, every industry has its monsters and its victims. I’m just hoping this issue is taken seriously by both the film industry and those who love film. All of us deserve so much better.



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