Guilty Pleasure Movies: The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down


Do you want to know why it’s better to snort coke off of fake breasts instead of real breasts? Do you wonder why some straight men become “fauxmosexuals” to pick up chicks? And just what is an “after party?” Well, these questions (and more) are all answered in the guilty pleasure gem The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down.

The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down takes an anthropological look at LA’s club scene. Using a format reminiscent of those cheesy educational films we saw in school (if made educational films), the movie utilizes live action, graphical diagrams and “knowledgeable” narrators. You know they are knowledgeable” because one of them has a British accent. Among the informative “chapters” you will learn the following:

  • Getting past the velvet rope
  • What certain drinks make smart girls stupid
  • The importance of determining the difference between good and bad drugs
  • How to get rid of a sexual hook-up once daylight arrives
  • And so much more!!!

With a cast of unknowns (other than a brief cameo by the guy who played the principal on Saved by the Bell), The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down follows these club go-ers from their initial getting ready rituals ‘til the moment they wake up with hangovers after a night of revelry. These unknowns aid the slightly mockumentary feel of the movie. The assorted collection of sleazebags, sluts, losers, punks and druggies are the kind of people who actually keep up with the Kardashians and whose Instagram accounts put the S in selfie.

I couldn’t help but laugh out loud while watching this movie, even though at times I wanted to clutch the pearls in shock. Some of you might recognize yourself (or at least your youth) in their shenanigans. And some of you will give be grateful you never quite partied this hard. The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down is a gloriously fun and trashy movie, and possibly a how-to for people who really want to PARTY! The party scene, whether in LA or even in my hometown of Milwaukee, is always perfect for mocking and The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down does it perfectly.


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