The Spotlight


Cannes Film Festival starts this week!

50 Shades of Grey? Seriously? How about re-reading Fear of Flying or the works of Anais Nin?

Jeanette Walls’ memoir, The Glass Castle, gets the film treatment.

Realtor uses soft-core porn to sell 100 million dollar real estate and I roll my eyes over the artlessness and vapidity of it all.

To cleanse the palate enjoy this creative and clever 8-Bit graphic parody trailer for the next Star Wars prequel!

June 3rd is Wonder Woman Day!

Fetch never happened, but a Mean Girls musical will happen!

Filmmakers who admit their movie sucked.

Summer movies should actually be good and not just be blockbusters.

Even David Beckham couldn’t save King Arthur-Legend of the Sword from being a huge bomb.



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